A Letter To Black Christians

*Disclaimer* This blog post is not about dragging Black Christians with a history lesson, nor an attempt to convince anyone to leave the faith. Sorry not sorry to all my non-religion readers expecting me to go hard in the paint and posterize white jesus (he ain’t safe though).



Some of the brightest stars of Black liberation were Christian, like Nat Turner, Paul Bogle and Kwame Nkrumah. All of whom were ordinary men who had one thing in common, they pushed their religion to the side to manifest change. They realized our people are at a time of war and put their lives on the line to advance the Black liberation movement.

In God We Trust

A prick and buddy of the guy, who has Obama’s former job, named Joel Osteen took the social media dragging of the week. Joel McDuck, along with other millionaire pastors continue to misrepresent Christianity, while they sit on wealth and do nothing for long term community building.

Paying sister Beatrice’s electric bill before her power gets cut off is not the same as creating a community farm, Afrocentric Library or a revival of Black Wall Street and financing Black businesses. The Black community needs a cure that moves the Liberation efforts forward, not band aid treatments that keep the efforts stagnant and reliant.

Billions of dollars have been collected over the past 30 years from Black churches and nothing has come out of those statistics since Black Wall Street was destroyed. The question is why hasn’t the Black experience, at least for Black Christians, improve drastically during this time?

Jesus: The first case of cultural appropriation

Black Christians love to say, “His color doesn’t matter” Consider this, if white Jesus was in Brooklyn NY selling wine without a permit, he is not getting harassed. If the real Jesus was walking down the street, chances are he was already stopped and frisked by NYPD and under surveillance by Hip Hop Police and Terrorism Unit.

His race matters if your screaming for diversity in entertainment. It matters because this is the biggest example of cultural appropriation and white washing next to Black Egypt. It matters because statues and paintings in Europe that depict Mother Mary and Jesus as jet BLACK are explained as smoke or dirt that has accumulated over the years. Clearly color matters to vatican caukazoids, yet the only time color isn’t an issue to Black people is when it comes to Jesus but proceed to drag wypipo who say, “I don’t see color”


A prayer a day doesn’t keep oppression away.

Stop Praying every situation away, without mobilizing the change you pray to see happen. If you’re praying for strength to implement change through your repeated actions, that’s different. If you’re praying for change to land on your lap or for someone else to do it…… Please, don’t allow the next generation to inherit only your well intended prayers for the liberation movement.

We are currently in an age of ever widening, ever expanding Black consciousness about our current, collective state. Each generation will continue to supersede the previous generations in their efforts at liberation. Strength in God or the scripture won’t achieve Liberation, the people, the melanated physical beings of the masses will. Nat Turner prayed but he organized with field slaves. Paul Bogle prayed but he organized the Morant Bay protests with poor and working class. Ghana wouldn’t be free if Nkrumah prayed for independence from the British alone.

Respect Afrikan spirituality

Christians have been led to believe that Afrikan spirituality is the devil’s work. Haiti wouldn’t have achieved a revolution without it. Nanny of the Maroons used original spirituality and family to revolt. Christians miss what is right in front of there eyes, the actual devils within your own house, whether it be the capitalist pastors hoarding wealth or the criminal ones who take it a step further with embezzlement.

Next up, you have the Vatican who protected and covered up child molesters for decades and are in possession of stolen Afrikan artifacts and treasures. Please, take your pick and keep that same energy when you talk about the devil’s work. Some might say their church doesn’t associate with these things but turn around and condemn original spirituality systems. One thing I think we can all agree on is every group will have bad apples out of the batch that over shadow the rest.

Ultimately, It’s bigger than any religion

The mission Black people need to achieve is bigger than liberation. Both Nat Turner and Paul Bogle had to break a commandment from the bible they preached. Nkrumah worked with a Muslim, Sekou Toure, to help advance Marcus Garvey’s vision of Pan-Afrikanism. The men named above all put religion to the side and put 👏🏿There👏🏿People👏🏿First👏🏿

Now I’m not saying to start a riot or revolution but there needs to be a new Black Christian attitude towards liberation. Religious leaders continue to embarrass the masses, so it is up to the masses of Black Christians to takeback what their religion means today, a religion that ultimately has roots in Afrika. It’s time to stop praying and face the church music, your efforts for your people must be powerful as your prayers going forward. Forward ever, backward never.


Peace and Blessings.

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