Carpe Diem Pt 1

I had the pleasure of writing, preparing, practicing and finally delivering a keynote speech for Afrikan Liberation day last weekend. This is a yearly event I help organize and I manifested the keynote after our original speaker we had pulled out due to scheduling issues.

The funny thing was I initially turned down the opportunity. I didn’t see myself as a public speaker *yet*. I didn’t feel like I reached my full potential as an organizer, I didn’t feel like I was anywhere near the level of the great Ancestar Kwame Ture, Veteran and All-Star of the All Afrikan Peoples Revolutionary party.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t scarred of public speaking, I agreed to do a keynote for the 50th anniversary of The All Afrikan People’s Revolutionary Party next year. The possibility was already brewing, I just didn’t expect the flavor to mature so soon.

So, imagine me on a conference call about the continued planning of our event, being asked by the lead organizer and veteran of our Toronto chapter if I’m up for the task.

“Hmmmmm Naw, I have to decline. “

I honestly thought that would be it. The Ancestars work like clockwork, something I’ll soon realize. My sister comes down the stairs, curious about what I turned down. I couldn’t speak freely so I took her phone and typed it down as the Veteran was politely working in her argument on the conference call….

“They are trying to get me to do the keynote for Afrikan Liberation Day. “

I was almost shocked by her response.

“And you’re crazy not to do it.”

At this point, an Elder interjected and expressed that we should find someone seasoned and experienced in making pubic speeches to draw a big crowd for our program. I half laughed and agreed, that was my last hope to weasel out of doing the speech. It wasn’t that she didn’t think I couldn’t do it, her concern was making the program as attractive as possible because there were a lot of events going on May 27. Even though things turned out the way they did, I appreciate her input in keeping some form of balance.

The veteran organizer wasn’t having that and politely brushed that sentiment off. Her case was Afrikan Liberation Day was about the youth. I was the youngest and most active member who had already seen 2 ALDs and helped organize 1 already. The collective knew I loved to write, I mentioned my blog more then a couple of times before. They knew my conscious mind was ripe and wartime ready for the challenge.

At this point, 3 organizers, one of them an Elder, had sided with the veteran It was almost the inevitable landslide.

I replied to my sis,


She replied,

“Carpe Diem”


“Seize the Day”

My third eye chakra had spontaneously opened up. The phrase opened my consciousness up in ways that is impossible to explain in words.

One Elder had remained silent for the discussion. I called him out for his opinion. He said,

“You Shouldn’t feel forced to do it but I know you can do it and you have the support to get it done.”

Awwwww Shit, I accepted. No, I didn’t feel pressured, it wasn’t even the belief from the other organizers that I could do it. It was my sisters attitude towards the situation and the calamity of the global Black experience. “Seize the Day” It was how my consciousness received and opened up to that phrase.

I wrote about 90-95% with barely any help crafting it. I stood up and delivered the speech to over 50 people, there was a lot of beautiful Black faces waiting to hear my speech. The night was a success, the most successful ALD in years with 120 people floating around the main room and vendors at one point.

All I can say is I’m more then proud that I did it. |I feel empowered by the fact that I could write the lions share of the speech and practice speaking it a bit on short notice. This was my next step in my community upliftment journey, I took the first step joining an organization. Now I had to cement myself as an organizer, leader and Pan-Afrikan warrior, for the youth. What was waiting another year for a chance to do it? The Ancestars were with me saying “Now” X, Osaygefo, Cabral, Ture……..

I can feel the difference on how I carry myself before and after my keynote. The air smells fresher, my voice feels more electrifying, my vibrations feel like they carry through the air longer, wider and farther.

I thought I wasn’t ready for the keynote because I wasn’t the ideal organizer *yet* to be delivering a public speech of this magnitude, in my eyes anyway. I realized that doing this speech would help me realize my full potential and put me on the path of being the ideal organizer I know I’ll be. Allow me to get a lil corny. I thought I had to be a super Pan-Afrikan sayian to take on this particular task not knowing that this task would help me reach that super Pan sayian level.

In life we have levels, we need to try and break through the glass ceiling sometimes even if we think we can’t jump….

Peace and Blessings.

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