Featured Documentary: “Utopia”

Utopia from John Pilger on Vimeo. If you plan to watch on your mobile, the video automatically goes full screen when you press play.

I’ve always heard Australia was the most racist country in the world. Before I watched this documentary, I had very little knowledge, so I never had an informed opinion. I never doubted that Australian whites were racist and this documentary showed me how open, blatant, delusional and comfortable they were about the treatment of the original inhabitants.

The creator of the documentary is a white Australian and he does a good job exposing the government and capitalism oppressing the indigenous and letting the descendants share their pain. The fact that the creator is white does expose the privilege he had to grill government officials and release a documentary about the situation. Nobody living in the Aboriginal communities would have the time or money to release such a broad documentary to begin with.   Does that mean the work of one woke white Australian negate the ENTIRE history of white Australia…..I think you know or will know the answer to that.

The reasons why I think we don’t know much about Australia is because it’s the most successful colonization. That means the land and resources is firmly in white hands and government. The world only sees one side of Australia, which is the beautiful tourist attractions and the kangaroos. The history is ignored while the media has done an excellent job staying tight lipped about the grave situation with the indigenous. It’s like that old saying, If terrorists invade and slaughter the inhabitants of the land and no one is there to see it, did it happen?

Australian Aboriginals fought against the British and lost, that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. Even though there is almost nothing we can do about the situation, being aware is still empowering. Knowledge is still in fact power.

Peace and Blessings

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