Historic Remembrance of Watts Gang Truce and L.A Uprisings by Davey D


Click the pic above! This post is about the Bloods and Crips gang truce in L.A which was established before the L.A uprisings. A misconception is that this truce was brokered because of the riots. The environment at that time is similar to Chicago today, a staggering death toll and police taking advantage of “Justified” killings. The only difference between the 2 time periods is the mass amount of social media and music helping to fuel the violence and feed street gang egos.

Another important point is this truce, even though it wasn’t perfect, was undermined by the LAPD and City Council. City Council rejected gang member’s plea for resources to rebuild the communities torn by gang violence. Resources need to be pooled from the Black community to rebuild, an important lesson we must apply today. Black economics, without the sabotage of white supremacy, will not only reverse the decay in Black communities build more strong communities at home and abroad.

The LAPD tried to make the truce about gangs coming together to harm police, while police were already harming Black and Brown folk to begin with. The same narrative happened in Baltimore when gangs came together (for a brief period) for the protests of Freddie Gray. ¬†Police accusing gangs of a war on police is like a cheater getting suspicious and paranoid of their partner…..

Please read the piece above! Peace and Blessings!

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