Black Men: Say What You Mean And Do What You Say

Sooooo Jesse Williams transformed himself into a fuck boi (allegedly) according to the latest break up rumors.  I don’t know what exactly happened with his marriage but the way things are playing out, it still sounds like some shameful shit on his end.

I’m going to have to point at his tribute to Black women during his BET speech last year (which I gave him props for). I had to ask myself, why did he mention those things if they were really separated for over a year? He could have kept it fresh pro black in his speech without the extra dressing for Black Women.

“Now, this is also in particular for the black women in particular who have spent their lifetimes dedicated to nurturing everyone before themselves. We can and will do better for you.”

Those words sounds meaningless and empty now…. Aryn Drake-Lee put herself before him and his acting career before he blew up. I don’t see her spending all that money and time to walk away from a relationship she invested in.

If later I find out that she cheated or was the one who wanted a divorce, I’ll gladly print this piece out and chew on it for the Gram. Get it? I’ll be eating my words….

I don’t care if they have been separated, Jesse Williams seems like he doesn’t give a fuck creeping around with plain mary jane. He has been in the lime light long enough to know the nature of paparazzi and how the media will react to that type of speculation, especially after he filed for divorce.

I don’t want to give off the wrong impression, as if I’m only doing this post because she is white. If he was creeping around with Rihanna, I’d still be taking my literal shit on Jesse.

Note to self: As a A-List celebrity, you  can’t position yourself as a leader for liberation, shout out Black Women, turn around and divorce a Black woman while hanging out with a snow white”work associate” and expect to be taken seriously.

Many people look up to him as a leader, yes a good majority of our people, unfortunately still look up to celebrities as leaders for our Liberation. He decided to put himself in the forefront of Liberation, nobody asked him. Yes, he has done a lot of great community work, more than most rappers, athletes and dark skins, in general, using his platform.

The thing about leading by example is you actually have to act on all that hoopla you got the masses hyped over.

He can’t even maintain his core belief of doing better for Black Women. I won’t be paying him no mind or checking for him anymore. He doesn’t respect the core value of his own Black Family so why should anyone give him any attention?

If you are currently single, consider yourself pro-black and your not validating a Black woman’s worth through your actions then all your words will fly over my head. Swooosh. Not just celebreties but the everyday Black man who praises Black Women on social media. Say what you mean and do what you say…..

Yes, technically you can still be pro-Black and have a white partner if you have one of those long winded love stories that break racial lines. All I have to say is there are levels to this Black Pride and I pledge to operate at the highest one.

I’m confident and comfortable enough to say that I want to uphold, uplift, cherish, date, marry and procreate with my future Black wife but it doesn’t matter how loud I shout from the rooftop. I’m ultimately going to let my actions do all the talking but I never needed Jesse Williams or no celebrity to realize that for me.

In the meantime though, I’d appreciate it if celebrities didn’t taint the work genuine Black men are putting in helping restore the relationship between the Black Man and Woman. THANKS!

Peace and Blessings

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