Lenard McKelvey Lost His Black Privilege On Our Issues

Lenard McKelvey formerly known as Charalamagne tha God had his name rechanged on Feburary 23, 2018. Lenard McKelvey  has proved himself  as one of the most influential voices of Hip Hop and pop culture.

He is a non-Intellectual but he has his moments as being a voice of reason. He is seasoned vet in radio and his status is moving into a modern Hip Hop cultural Icon. He is quite the personality and I can give respect where respect is due.

I say that to say this…… We need to upgrade our standards with the people who represent us with huge followings and influence. Upgrade our standards of who has a voice over our experiences. Apart from his light skin phase and his on air history of mysognoir, he has allowed his “Black Privilege” to get in the way of what some of us are collectively fighting for.

He is mysognoir because he is efficient at bashing Black women or refusing their experiences. I’m not going to point out every single instance but you can turn your attention to Lenard McKelvey acting dumb about colorism in the Amara La Negra interview and how she has to explain her melanin.

Lenard McKelvey is not perfect but when you have a famous influencer fraternizing with the with the likes of Thotty Lahren, we have something to worry about. She’s a girl who went viral keeping Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Alton Sterling names disrespectfully in her mouth, a girl who who is a Trump supporter.

That was the perfect time to assess where Lenard McKelvey  priorities were…. After showing everybody his intelligence level was as low as a house slaves, he realized his brand was in jeopardy and gave himself Donkey of the Day.”We all make mistakes raw raw raw” and after that segment, most of us forgave and forgot his flirtation with blond O’Rielly. He got a pass when he didn’t deserve one, he took that pass and promoted his book “Black Privilege”.

On February 23 2018, he backed himself into a corner in front of Monique for all of us to smile. He decided to work overtime to avoid apologizing or acknowledging Monique’s issue for a full 46.29 minutes plus an additional 14.26 after the interview, to ask callers if she deserved Donkey of the Day. It was evident some callers didn’t listen to the show based on their answers.

He gave us a full hour of pure house of ben carson slave mentality, trying to silence Monique. He called her a legend, acknowledged the wage gap between men, white women and black women. Monique provided receipts and inside information on her Netflix deal but didn’t impress Lenard McKelvey.

Monique said eloquently: “To all the Black women, and women of color, that is listening, when you hear this brothers voice on air, and I’m unapologetic about what I’m going to say, he does not have value for Black women and women of color”

I just wanted to reiterate what she said for Black men as well. He knows Hip Hop and has moved into pop culture, that’s fine. What we shouldn’t  let this man do, who gave himself Donkey of the Day, is block the experience of our people to build his brand.

Again he is a non-intellectual who hasn’t studied the history. This type of influence is dangerous when it comes to Black issues, especially when it pertains to Black women.

If he wants to build his brand and the Breakfast club that’s fine, we gotta eat by the end of the day. If he wants to buck dance to discredit Monique or any other Black woman, then that can’t be tolerated, he is problematic. Monique doesn’t allow herself to be pushed around and deep down, just like the industry, some Black people resent her for that.

People didn’t feel like boycotting Netflix but to openly discredit her experience in order to feel comfortable holding on to Netflix is pure madness and exposed everybody’s priorities. Whether you agreed with her approach or not, she was right.

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