Michael Jackson The King of Pop Vs Robert Kelly The R & B Pied Piper

With the scale of Ma’at, let’s put feelings, emotions and fandom aside and weigh the legacies of 2 giants of music history respectably. Ma’at represents justice and truth.

MJ was never accused of harming the Black community.

The Pied Piper has notoriously been followed by allegations of sexual, verbal and mental abuse over Black girls and women for decades.

MJ used his music to inspire and reach the people in a positive way i.e. ” They Don’t Care About Us” His “Do You Remember The Time” Video is the ONLY depiction of Black Ancient Egypt produced in Hollywood.

Robert Kelly dubbed himself the “The Pied Piper of R&B” and if you haven’t researched that term PIED PIPER by now, you’re simply a dumb mother fucker (all you parents can get the smoke too)

MJ outsmarted the slave masters of the music industry and even owned Eminem’s weak publishing. He is an example of Black Excellence and Independence in Hollywood.

The Pied Piper spent his money on a local, semi national pedophile ring, based off intimidation and hush money. The house of cards is finally falling and only the Pope can save Robert now.

MJ fell victim to the industry the same way the Pied Piper did, the only difference is MJ seemed to fight back through his music and they way he spoke on certain topics before his death.

*Nas Voice* It ain’t hard to tell. Michael was a victim at a young age who was sheltered for his Childhood.

The Pied Piper refuses to put healing into the Chicago Black community by continuing as if he is not guilty. Chicago is already disenfranchised by gun violence! ALL OF THESE PEOPLE CAN’T BE LYING.

It is true that both MJ and Robert were victimized or abused when they were younger. MJ dealt with fame at a young age and had grown women throw themselves at him.

Robert Kelly was molested by his sister and his rise to money and fame fueled a toxic fire. You can listen to Robert Kelly’s music if you please, just know it may very well be inspired by underage children.

MJ and Robert are not the same, never will be the same and I’m sorry to everybody that looked at him as some sort of hero for the Black community.

It will take time to get over the fact that Robert Kelly is our Big Yella. Judgement cast on morals, common sense and logic. Independant of the police state “just us” decision from colonial oppressors.

We can defend the image of MJ and the Black man without defending R Kelly. It’s not that hard.

Peace and Blessings.

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