Obvious Flaws of Bill Cosby

Pudding Pill Cosby……  I refuse to let our people ignore his serious flaws as they continue to defend him. I grew up loving the Cosby Show dancing like a goofy mutha fucka to the intro like everyone else. I don’t care about feminism, liberals or the #MeToo movement.

First things first before I dig in the main course, you know that long running idea about him buying NBC? Cosby’s net worth at the time was around 300 million. He didn’t have the capital to buy it himself…….

“the asking price for NBC was likely to be about $4 billion. General Electric paid $6.5 billion when it acquired the network’s parent company, the RCA Corporation, in 1986.”

Even with Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Richard Pryor, Monique, Redd Foxx, Bernie Mac, Cedric The Entertainer, Steve Harvey and the entire BET Comicview Comedy line up, they still wouldn’t be able to purchase NBC. So how was this idea of Bill Cosby buying NBC even possible?

He was part of a management team to pull in investors from white institutions. Bill Cosby was only the FACE of the NBC deal with a ton of old white money behind it.

“Wussler (who had been looking seriously at NBC for more than a year) decided that Cosby, with his credibility and recognizability, was a perfect linchpin for the management group he was assembling for his own run at NBC. “Why wouldn’t he want a creative genius to help in the TV-entertainment sphere?” said a source close to the deal. Once joined, Cosby, Wussler, and company decided to go with Goldman Sachs, whom Cosby’s lawyers had previously chosen from all the interested investment banks.”

I’m pointing this out for a good reason, nobody was threatened by Cosby buying the network cause Cosby didn’t have enough money to become a sole owner. He clearly wasn’t in control of the management team either. If anything, “the powers that be” were more concerned of the real players involved in this deal and Cosby was simply a “victim” of white on white crime?

The real question is how much change can Bill Cosby could enact within NBC with no money to show for it?  Mr Cosby wouldn’t be able to steer the cultural direction of NBC the same way Jay-Z can’t influence the roster for the Brooklyn Nets.

Moving on to the main show…… However you want to frame Bill as a leader for the Black community being torn down, he still cheated on his BLACK wife blindly with white women. Simple. Bill Cosby was a FREQUENT guest of the Playboy Mansion. Why would a pillar for the Black community portrayed as a positive family man for years on TV, go to the Bunny Mansion for?

Hugh Hefner has also been accused of using quaaludes, so not only is Mr. Huxtable visiting the Mansion but he is best friends with the perverted landlord. When there’s smoke, there’s fire but we are to busy screaming racism……

“Chloe Goin’s accused Hugh Hefner of allowing Bill Cosby to unknowingly drug underage women during his Playboy Mansion parties. Hefner has said he had no knowledge or involvement of Cosby’s alleged behavior at the Mansion. The LAPD decided to not going forward with criminal charges against Cosby or Hefner.”

Cosby is placed at different STANDARD of conduct when it comes to being a Black role model in the public eye. Pill Huxtable going to the Playboy mansion is different from your homie, that nobody knows, going to the ratchet strip club. I’m sure he was serving more then pudding pops. What kind of message does an acclaimed Black leader send by checking into the PLAYBOY MANSION for decades?

How low can our standards be if a bougie minded, serial predatory cheater is someone we have to protect against all the other white pedophiles and sexual predators? I can stand by drug dealers and addicts, prostitutes, strippers, scammers, thieves and jail time lifers knowing the trauma and ripple effect of oppression since slavery and Jim Crow.

What I won’t defend, tolerate or normalize is sexual predators, whether people believe he drugged those women or not. He still had a Black wife at home while he got the exclusive vanilla pudding pops to choose from.

I have another Trump card cause I can feel the force of cognitive dissonance brewing up. What I’m going to show you are from Cosby’s own book, which would lead him to make the Spanish Fly comments on CNN. Now let’s deal with his own WORDS and SPELLing

In this children’s book, he writes this adventure of a group of boys, looking for Spanish Fly as an aphrodisiac. This is not an admission of guilt but it’s important to contextualize his own writings and words with all the allegations that are against him. Some of these allegations were at the Playboy Mansion. Remember this is a children’s book.

In the short story called “Or Maybe it’s a Spanish Flea” in the book Childhood, he writes on pg 170, 171, 174

“But you gotta be careful not to give her too much,” said Junior, “or she’ll go for a flagpole instead of you.”

………….“I told ya: too much an’ she forgets about you an’ takes on the navy yard”

“But he’s an American sailor, “ said Eddie, “He won’t know.”

“Maybe we better go back,” said Fat Albert, “and just wait till the girls’re in the mood.”

“They’re never in the mood for us,” I said, “They need chemicals.” 


Cosby stans be like “BUhh buhhhH bBUt wHA Ab0uT dA WyT3 1’s WH0 duN G0 2 JaIL!”

The justice system has never been fair to Black people, so how are we surprised they sacrificed this horn dog who loved off white women? Did Bill Cosby get prosecuted for us to realize that the justice system was unfair to Black people? Bill Cosby needs to get in line because hundreds of thousands of Black men were unfairly incarcerated BECAUSE OF SURVIVAL before Pudding Pop Pill was sharing his Jello.

Moral of the Story is DON’T DEAL WITH WHITE WOMEN IF YOU CLAIM TO BE PRO BLACK. He preached Black History that’s cool but he put himself at a different standard as a ROLE MODEL FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY and guess what? HE STILL DECIDED TO GO AFTER WHITE WOMEN.

If he loved our history and our people so much HE WOULDN’T HAVE CHEATED ON HIS BLACK WIFE WITH MULTIPLE WHITE WOMEN. He hunted down these blondes and brunettes on his own.

BILL COSBY FAMILY MAN YET FREQUENT GUEST OF THE PLAYBOY MANSION AND FRIEND OF HUGH HEFNER. Instead of going to the Playboy mansion for decades, he should have kept his ass at home and stayed out of trouble.

White supremacy taught him a lesson, so at this point, if you still think this playboy serial cheating predator is worth fighting for, then go protest his conviction or get over it.


Peace and Blessings

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