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Outside Gov Palace

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With the wide range of subjects I write about, I have to continually remind my readers about the objective of a unified Africa. I’m continually reminded with the political education, organizing for our community I participate in, here in Toronto. Whether I post about police brutality, a book or movie, end of the day it’s all about Liberation of Africa for the people.

All the problems we are facing as a collective is related to the challenges Africa is facing. Africa sat at the height of the world, which of course made other countries jealous of our prosperity. The rich, resourcefulness of the continent is envied till this day.

Black Americans, folk from the West Indies and around the globe have successfully been conditioned to renounce being African themselves. 10 minutes later they’ll turn around and wonder why Black people are so disrespected. The reason why is we have no super base, homeland to represent us as a entire collective. So we represent Jamaica, New York, LA, Canada, Europe anywhere but  the ENTIRETY of Africa as a super state .

I wrote a piece on the book “Class Struggle in Africa” One of the chapters was about the numerous Coupe d’etats that have transpired across the continent. History is attempting  to repeat itself in Guinea-Bissau as I write and edit this very piece.

The PAIGC ((Portuguese: Partido Africano para a Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde, PAIGC – African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde), democratically elected government founded by the late Amilcar Cabral is slowly being pushed out of office with force and invasive political tactics. Even without the recent mass shooting, western media would remain silent about what’s going on. This is a press release from the PAIGC:

The PAIGC publicly denounces the paramilitary forces that have surrounded the Government Palace with tear gas, machine guns and other arms, contrary to promises made to not use force to remove comrades in protest. They are preparing to assault the installations with armed bastions.

The PAIGC responsibilizes the President of the Republic, Jomav) the unique constitutional legal authority in the present context) for any physical damage infringed on leaders, militants and supporters of PAIGC and democracy.
The PAIGC calls attention to Guineans and the International Community on the facts of force, violence and intimidation being carried out by paramilitary forces sent by illegal unconstitutional illegitimate authorities.
The PAIGC exhorts all its militants and supporters and civil society and the international community to be vigilant to all the incendiary initiatives to destroy political order, compromise peace and the spirit of dialogue to safeguard democratic rights.

I’m not from Guinea-Bissau but every inch of Africa belongs to the African/Black Diaspora. It doesn’t belong to the colonialists, neo-colonialists, imperialists, or white supremacists.

What can our people in the Diaspora do? Apart from halting our daily lives to go to Guinea-Bissau and strapping up….. We can make the world aware of what’s happening to our Brothers and Sisters.

We have revolutionaries fighting for what they believe in and they need to know the diaspora is with them in spirit! They are fighting for all of us the same way Amilcar Cabral fought before he was ASSASSINATED.

Strength, Power and Blessings to Guinea-Bissau

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