Raccoon Trap 2016


I love Black people, what I love most is the growing consciousness of our people who are woke to the conditions of this anti-Black world and continuing the rejection of white supremacy. I love Black people starting to wake up to the world around them, seeking knowledge and realizing what is at stake for future generations. I still love how Black people who aren’t waking up are able to function and excel in this society through art, entrepreneurship and athletics.

I hear a lot about how we need unity among the Black Diaspora but ONE of the reasons why we can’t achieve this goal is a classic in-house problem. The house negroes, uncle ruckus’ and Ben Carson’s that exist to counter liberation. These lil munchkins don’t want any kind of change. They reach a high level in their field with a mass audience and usually say some shit when they should’ve shut the fuck up. All skin folk ain’t kinfolk.

That’s what inspired this new category for my blog. Kwame Nkrumah and Malcolm X all talk about over-sized pests that don’t have any interest in Black liberation but themselves. Nkrumah would call them  “Capatalists” while Malcolm X would just call them a house negro. We need to keep watch of this problematic infestation and cut off support immediately. The most ironic thing about this scenario is the same Black masses they are helping oppress are the same ones that gave them fame and fortune in the first place.

What’s a Raccoon Trap? These pests trap themselves with their own words and either don’t give a fuck or end up back peddling if the backlash is big enough. It’s when Black celebrities nibble on white supremacy in front of a audience to help keep Black people complacent and help rectify white people’s conscious or subconscious racism that they may have.  They don’t want change, they want to maintain and increase their fortune while content under the current system. You thought whites were the only ones showing their true colors for the president elect?



  1. Dave Chappelle: His monologue on SNL surprised me, it was more bizarre than finding out Disney put subliminal sex images in their movies. Some may say I am being too serious, comedians are supposed to make you laugh. Please remember, when somebody has the ability to make you laugh, your defenses are down so you become less defensive. You don’t take them as seriously as a politician, or businessman or athlete because its not their job. Especially being on hiatus for so long, Chappelle’s return was highly anticipated on SNL. I’ll be honest though, I might have cracked a smile but ain’t a damn thing funny with his set. Now I’m taking his words seriously because at the end of his monologue, he wanted us to take his bandwagon endorsement of the president elect seriously.


  Just take it in, first he pokes fun at blue lives matter only to say in the next breathe “If I could stop being Black I   would be out the game” Coming from someone who created the “racial draft skit” making fun of other people’s     confusion on Black identity, this comment sounds like complete confusion and self-hate on so many different       levels. If you thought the way he said that with his pathetic follow up was funny, we are definitely not on the         same frequency. He follows up by saying he became the next best thing…..A rich Black man. He goes on to joke     about how he will try and make some more money under the new administration.

 Next, he jokes about how the only stereotype he would love Obama to have is if he was attacked, Obama ends up killing innocent bystanders like Black street gangs. Now all these jokes are being consumed by a  predominately white audience and it shows a stark contrast to one of the reasons why he quit his show in the  first place. He now gets serious and talks about how Black people have come a long way into getting in the white house and somehow takes that feel good spirit and pleads the audience to give The Apprentice Ringmaster  a chance and asking for one in return. Like I said, the monologue was bizarre and open to criticism once he  pleaded for the audience to take his words seriously. He stripped his own rights of being a comedian to become  a political commentator, please miss me with the bullshit.

  1. Bob Johnson: The founder of BET. This guy will make you think about Dave Chappelle and other celebrities who have made you feel good in the past. He came out recently and asked Black people to give Omarosa’s Boss a chance highlighting his business background. Damn bruh, once upon a time your network gave us the Jesse Williams Speech. The internet comments were furious with the founder even thinking about the idea of giving the devil a chance. Now here is the big bang question…. Why is it that people are bashing Bob Johnson and his wealth for endorsing Bliff from Back to the Future YET we don’t bash Chappelle who just signed a 60 million dollar deal? Bob Johnson is a suit who never made us laugh or spit a bar for the culture.


  1. Floyd Mayweather: This one will be short and sweet. Last year he said “Why Should I donate Money to Afica. What Has Africa Done for Me?” He got a pass from his fans, OK cool he is undefeated. More recently he said “It’s not Black Lives matter or blue lives matter its blah blah blah.” OK so TI called him out and Charlamange gave him Donkey of the Day. That kind of blew over but now you have Floyd visiting the President Elect. I mean you clearly have to be a special kind of ex-field Negro to go out of your way to visit Massa himself when he didn’t even call for you. Especially when Massa is meeting with potential members of the white supremacist Avengers.


There you have it. Unfortunately many more Black celebrities we may have looked up to at some point in time will come out of the woodwork to justify their decisions for supporting the second place winner of the popular vote. Justify their decisions for a man who made white people feel marginalized and allowed Black and Brown people to get beat up at his rallies. A man who wants to bring back the good ol’ days of Murica. A man who condescendingly told Black people “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?” A man who wants to hire Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions.

President Elect already used up several chances he may have somehow deserved several months ago and any over-sized pest who tells you to give him a chance should be cut out of your life. They are not putting racks in your hand as they say this. Like I said Kwame NKrumah and Malcolm X warned us about Black people aka house slaves who have an invested interest in being Sheppard’s of the status quo. Only one way to deal with those ones in this new trying time is….



Peace, Strength and Blessings to All.


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