RacCoon Trap 2017: The 6 levels of RacCOONERY

“We must mete out just punishment to the traitors among our people, those who continue to serve the criminal Portuguese colonialists against the interests of our people. We are going to show these traitors clearly it is now the time to decide : either they must cease being servants of the Portuguese colonialists or they must be totally destroyed.” – Amilcar Cabral x Revolution in Guinea

Week after week, a few shoe shining, celebrity traitors with influence over masses pop out of the plantation closet. This is what you call history repeating itself and it will keep repeating itself if the cycle isn’t broken by the people by us to improve us. We have muh fuckers flirting, lifting skirt, dressing less, going out more and getting in bed with the US president. There is usually a self interested motive behind these decisions and they allow themselves to be used like a cum rag. I’m not trying to create a blog bashing Black, unconscious celebrities monthly but it’s important to know 2 things….. Know thy enemy against the movement and know thy enemy within the movement. The movement being any form of Black Institutional Independence, Black Upliftment and Black Advancement through business, culture, arts, agriculture and politics.

  • Any muh fucker that associates and toys with the rhetoric that got the orange fuck boi elected. The language he used to sparked the dormant kkk gene in Amerikkka : “Make America Great Again Hands Up Don’t Loot Blue Lives Matter Comply or Die”. Charlamagne tha Clown and Trevor Noah thirsting over Sloppy Lauren is a prime example of this. Her job is “Social media attention whore” who constantly plays white devils advocate to explode her click game online. Why share a platform with a kkk cheerleader from the becky squad? Was Harriet Tubman supposed to open a dialogue with slave catchers? Was Malcolm X supposed to open up dialogue with the FBI?


  • Any muh fucker supporting the prezzy because of shear patriotism. “We have to respect the President because America” Tina Campbell is the lost soul that fits this level. Black Americans got their first taste of holding the President’s seat through Obama but without the security protection. We’ll see if they’re still screaming that patriot shit after one of our brothers or sisters become the next #hastag period.


  • Any muh fucker that compliments, defends and supports the Prezzy in any form WITHOUT receiving shit in return. We can look at Akon and my former, troublesome Wifey, Azaelia Banks’ recent comments. These compliments and defenses for the white privilege poster boy are like job applications and a real time work interview going on all rolled in one.


  • Any muh fucker that breaks bread with the Prezzy. Chrissette Michelle is our cookie cutter for this level. She acted like it wasn’t about money, only to turn around and act salty because she didn’t get to meet old yassa boss. Y Dafuq he going to meet the help for? That’s like a prostitute getting mad that she didn’t get to cuddle after the job. These celebrities should at least do everybody a favor and not act delusional about their paid assignments.


  • Any muh fucker that sits with the Prezzy for any kind of planning to “help” the community. Any celebrity who agrees to go to the Plantation Tower whether they get a call or not. This goes for Steve Harvey, Martin Luther King III (the first born son trying to integrate into that same burning house his father warned everybody about) and all the sorry ass pastors currently slobbing the knob and leading their congregation astray.


  • Any muh fucker in bed with the prezzy, anyone on his team or brown nosing to get down wit the squad. These are the new Bed Wench house slaves and this extends to BOTH MALE and female. The half white rule is not the sole requirement anymore to live close to massa. Ben Carson, Pastor Darrell Scott and Omaorosa are top tier starter bed wenches and show up upon request.



50 years from now, Black children will be taught and looking back at the traitors who ENABLED a virus in communities, instead of treating this parasite as an infection. Much like the weak minded and spirited Africans who aligned themselves with the colonists and the corrupt current ones who are aligned with the neocolonialists and imperialists.


On a lighter note, Dave Chappelle spit out the kool-aid and protested against the Muslim ban. Look how fast he decided to eat his own words “Give him a chance”

Peace and Blessings


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