The Word Black: An Esoteric Definition Pt 2

Forget everything you know about the word Black and everything I told you in my first part. Don’t think of it as a color or race. Black is everywhere, most aren’t aware of it unless someone points it out to you.

You can bring light but you can never bring darkness. You can create a light source but you can never create darkness. It’s a force that stands on it’s own. I said Black is an essence in my last post, its a life force in the absence of light.

Darkness is the immediate absence of light. Causing shade is different from vanquishing a light source. Without darkness, we could never see the stars and without the external light (sun) we would plunge into complete death.

Wypipo need Blackness as much as we do. They may be void of carbon rich melanin but the darkness, the shade is what keeps the sun from scorching them.  Black people thrive in the sun and get all the darkness they need from the night.

Black is immortal, it cannot cease, would you put your money on light being equal? How many times a day do you think you see the color Black? About 30,000 times at least. Each less then a second each time when you blink. You see Black more then you see each individual color, yet how many colors does it take before you forget about the one and only Black?

We pray in Blackness, we meditate in Blackness, when children are afraid, they shut their eyes to hide in Blackness. Secrecy thrives in darkness yet the truth comes to the light.

Blackness is a essential part of your visual journey. Your sleep drifts into darkness. Once you close your eyes, your thoughts, aspirations, fears and dreams manifest themselves out of Blackness. All the colors and images are just extra but Blackness is mandatory.

What does all of this mean? Black can’t fit into a english dictionary definition, it’s more powerful then ANYONE can even describe. In my opinion that’s the perfect way to describe BLACK PEOPLE.

Peace and Blessing.

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