The Word Black: An Esoteric Definition.

Black is a complex word that is usually used to connect an array of cultures, experiences and history into one singular nation of people with an ongoing story of liberation.

It’s not perfect and almost does the trick of unifying us completely in name. The word Black has it’s grievances with several critical minded “identities”. Black Vs Afrikans & Moors & Hebrews.

“Black is not a country. We’re not crayons, we’re people. Black means death in law. Black is a curse. We’re not Black, we Afrikan” -The Black Grammar Police

2 schools of negative thought about the word derives from the “Black Law Dictionary” and the “Bible”

The Bible is supposed to attribute the curse of Ham to the curse of all Black people. This is simple to debunk if you overstand it’s misuse and where it comes from.

The curse of Ham was narrated to make it appear as if Noah, a Black character in the Bible, had a rainbow colored family. By making Ham the “Black son” Southern Slave owners used this curse as justification for slavery and used the passage to help keep enslaved Afrikans subservient.

The three sons of Noah were professed to represent three races of mankind and their destined fates. Benjamin M. Palmer, claimed that cauckazoids were descendants from Japhet, destined to cultivate civilization while Africans, being descendants of the cursed Ham, were destined to be the slaves of civilization.

Whether or not if the 3 sons were Afrikan, European and Asian, they would all be considered Black anyway. Simply Afrikans who migrated to different countries. Southern family inbreds had no business distorting the Bible.

Now add the fact that Afrika founded civilization and already, we have a baseless curse of the entire Black race. The fact that it’s still being regurgitated in 2019 demonstrates we continue to have people deeply rooted in their phase of self hate.

Forward now to the “Black Law Dictionary” Black means death or dead entity in the legal bindings of Amerikkka. This is one, very recent, very young definition of the word Black, written by and for yurugu to feel better about themselves and their wyhiteness.

Written by Henry Cambell Black, which is an elephant of irony with his name and the situation.

Now I wasn’t able to find the actual definition of “Black” in the dictionary at all online. This is odd because something like that should have already been photographed and distributed online as part of anti-Black propaganda. What I did find were interpretations for “color”, “colored people” and “white” that are in the dictionary.

To me, this is simply the language of legalese. Learn the language to your advantage but just because a word is negative doesn’t mean we should be afraid of it.

I can never knock the hustle, nothing wrong with using the Black Law Dictionary to navigate the legal system, work the finesse by any means. 4th Edition of Black’s Law Dictionary is recommended.

Fact of the matter is, outside of this Book of laws, Black immigrants and DOS(Descendants of Slaves) Amerikkkans have to deal with reality. Whether or not we as a people all stopped calling ourselves black tomorrow…..

Child Care Services, Teachers, Police & Law Enforcement, Doctors, Nurses, Judges and Lawyers will still continue to see us as “Black” in the eyes of these institutions. They will continue their campaign of extermination, execution, persecution and appropriation against people with darker skin.

Whether or not there is a definition for Black in the law book, that meaning of Black has nothing to do with keeping us mentally, physically, or spiritually in bondage.

Anti-Black nay sayers will claim words and their vibrations carry power. Is it negative or positive to say BLACK, any self educator would break down etymology.

The word black originally refers to burn, shine, gleam. An esoteric look at this word would point to fire by the end of my post.

black (adj.)

Old English blæc “absolutely dark, absorbing all light, the color of soot or coal,” from Proto-Germanic *blakaz “burned” (source also of Old Norse blakkr “dark,” Old High German blah “black,” Swedish bläck “ink,” Dutch blaken “to burn”), from PIE *bhleg- “to burn, gleam, shine, flash” (source also of Greek phlegein “to burn, scorch,” Latin flagrare “to blaze, glow, burn”), from root *bhel- (1) “to shine, flash, burn.”

The same root produced Old English blac “bright, shining, glittering, pale;” the connecting notions being, perhaps, “fire” (bright) and “burned” (dark), or perhaps “absence of color.” “There is nothing more variable than the signification of words designating colour”

Fire is a physical, natural essence. BLACK is not a color but it’s an omni-spacious essence throughout the universe referred to as Dark matter. Black (Essence) is not an adjective, it’s a noun. Fire and essence are nouns.

The connection can’t be driven home without this book. It goes back to Egyptian spirituality. In the book “Stolen Legacy” by George G.M. James, fire is broken down according to the Egyptians who thought the Greeks.

“In the center of the universe there is a central fire around which the heavenly bodies fixed in their spheres, revolve from the West to the East, while around all there is the peripheral fire.” pg 51

“(i) THE DOCTRINE OF THE UNIVERSAL FLUX. There is no static Being, and no unchanging element. Change is Lord of the Universe. The under lying element of the universe is fire and all things are changed for fire and fire for all things”

“(ii) THE THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE. Since sense-knowledge, or knowledge derived from the senses is illusion, it must be avoided, and true knowledge sought for in the perception of the underlying unity of the various opposites. This is possible for man, who is part of the all comprehending Fire, which underlines the universe.” pg 54

“The Egyptians were fire worshipers, because they believed that fire was the creator of the universe, and built their great pyramids (pyr=fire) in order to worship the God of Fire, and the pyramid age goes back to something like 3300 B.C. several thousands of years before the Greeks were said to have come into the Mediterranean area.

According to Jamblichus the Egyptian God Ptah was the God of order and form in creation, an intellectual principle. This God was also recognized as the Divine Artificer who fashioned the universe out of fire” pg 59

We must remind ourselves how blessed our melanin reacts to the sunlight, the central fire of the universe. That’s not a curse, that’s a testament to our Ancestars, nature and the esoteric science of our BLACKNESS. 

Yurugu men changed Black to appease their own identity, under their legal definition, under their English system. The Proto-Indos were content with their definition and didn’t make a distinction of color between Black and white.

Now Black in old English also meant something white or bright, like fire….

Now what we have today is a division of the concepts of white and Black. Black was withheld to the burnt base of fire. White was withheld to the light or brightness of fire. The word bleach derives from the old English word Blaec.

  • Proto Indo European (PIE) bhleg
  • Old English Blaec
  • Modern English (Black’s Law Dictionary) (Bleach)

English is a colonizing tongue all together and they will continue to “update” this mess of a language to further confuse and chop up root meanings. I984 has the best example of language control in society.

Under business, “in the Black” means to profit and that further shows greedy men have manipulated the definition so often at their leisure. We have to examine the source to rebuild our consciousness of what Black ACTUALLY means.

It’s Black History month and I hope you enjoyed something new and different with my breakdown. I don’t cap and do anything special for Black history month, I stay in Black history 365 days so I’m not limited in my pride.

I appreciate everyone who stays consistent in this ongoing saga of physiological warfare. I welcome the select few who will bridge the gap to putting in action for liberation after this BHM is over. Wherever you are in life, get your shit together, get organized and keep the flame lit and march forward.

Peace and Blessings.

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