What We’re leaving behind in 2017

1. Stop caping,
Stop cooning,
Stop tap dancing,
Stop catering and last but not least
Stop falling head over heels for wypipo. Don’t go out of your way to give them any remorse or sympathy. Time to practice apathy because one day, these same people who say they are not racist but keep the white power structure intact will have to decide if they want to ignore the problems of Black people or tip toe around Black issues while clinging on to their privilege.

2. Stop defending Black celebrities. They are just as mentally dysfunctional as the masses but they were given some fame, money and a cubs share of power. Don’t believe or play yourself for a second thinking they would give up their system to liberate the Black diaspora.

3. The idea that the trans Atlantic slave trade didn’t happen and Afrikans didn’t migrate the world willingly several thousands years before the slave trade. Afrika was and still is the most exploited land till this day.

4. Stop saying we can’t do anything for the movement in our lifetime. Stop saying we can’t unite because of “this or that”. Language is power. Look and reflect on yourself and how you’re actually making an effort to build bridges daily. Stop throwing verbal stones and start laying down bricks of foundation.

5. End the gender wars. Black men need Black women, Black women need Black men. The Black Family was tore down, it needs to be built back up again, no one will do it for us.  Let’s dead the ego and finger pointing and move the whole Black family forward. Black men should focus on calling out Black men on bullshit while Black women should do the same. End of Story.

6. No matter how you feel about Black LGBTQ, if have energy to go murder them and have yet to murk any section of white supremacy, your priorities are all fucked up. Any Black person who doesn’t go out of their way to uphold white supremacy deserves peace and a right to live.

7. Swirling…….. If you’re all Black or Biracial, your partner is what you want to see in your descendants. Love is love and all that bullshit, think about the identity crisis interracial couples children and children’s will have to endure.

8. The notion that heterosexual men must accept Trans women for dating and romance. Men should have a conscious guilt free choice of saying no to trans women without being called homophobic. Trans don’t deserve to have their lives taken for it however though.

9. Death to homosexual AND heterosexual sexual predators/ pedophiles alike 💣. This one is really self explanatory.

Peace, Prosperity and Blessings in the New Year ✌🏿

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