Why Black People need Spaces Exclusively for Themselves.

I read this post a while back, Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People. I’ve come to swing my pen of adamantium and provacative thought to reiterate and double down on the need for Black people of Afrikan and Caribbean descent to organize, collaborate and study together on a regular basis.

It may look like I’m piggy backing off this article but I’ve spoken about the blueprint for these concepts when I first started my blog, in what feels like an ancient time. The Pan-Africanist at the most basic level.

An organized Pan-Afrikan’s basic, fundamental requirement is reading compression.

I also wrote Short Guide to Self Education. Steps 1-5 is basically how I operate on a regular basis and step 6 is the catalyst of this blog post.

This is not a theoretical idea, I’m speaking from 3 years experience and running.

  • Step One : Watching less TV.
  • Step Two : Set aside reading time.
  • Step Three : Watch educational videos.
  • Step Four : Treat learning like you’re in school.
  • Step Five : Challenge the material – Ask Questions. 
  • Step Six : Join a Discussion Group/Organization/Work Study.

Step 6, meeting regularly with my Pan-Afrikan organization All Afrikan People’s Revolutionary Party local chapter in Toronto for 3 years.

My chapter meets on a bi-weekly basis, in-person and conference calls when neccessary. These meetings are healthy, it serves as confidence boosting for self esteem taking control.

It also serves as a retreat or healing centre with like minds. The by product is an effective break from the Anti-Black system that has many names and faces worldwide.

“People of color” or simply anyone who isn’t a Black descendant should get used to the idea of spaces that do not include them. Diversity can be put on hold in respect to the global situation of anti-Blackness.

Knowledge is nourishment and knowledge applied is power. My consciousness, accountability and responsibility level has increased expeditiously in the past 3 years.

Getting together without the influence of non Black people is healthy. It will stop anybody from saying “Black people need to come together”

Your group will be your own shining example of Black people doing a better job coming together, independent of non Black influences or a classic overseer.

In fact you’ll be able to correct those same nay sayers who chirp those sentiments whenever something negative happens within our communities.

That leads to a crucial point, it’s better to be organized and focused during a tragedy then unorganized and emotional.

The masses of Black people react in a scramble to tragedies like police brutality, state violence, Anti-Black controversies. The vision is to react as a solid grid that moves in when necessary.

That will only work when we let go of whatever self hate issues we have, uniting across class, culture, nationality and religious lines. It’s Black first and that is actually what Pan-Afrikanism is about.

Get on a team, ark or Nebuchadnezzar and move forward!

Peace and Blessings.

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